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Q1: When did you started gaming?
A: When I was in grade 5, it was around 2003 back then.

Q2: What’s your first game?
A: Rockman Zero 3 (GBA), I started the Japanese version and completed it without being able to read a single letter (lols). I bought it with Pokemon Ruby, but I completed RMZ3 over thirty runs in a single month (because I love it so much) before playing and completing Pokemon Ruby. The next game I bought was Rockman Zero 4 and many other.

Q3: When did you start watching anime?
A: Around 1999…. so I must be in grade 1 huh?
My first anime is Digimon Adventure, and I absolutely love this series from the first episode.
And yeah, my childhood mainly evolves around Digimon, Beyblade and Yu-gi-oh for animes and Rockman and Pokemon for games back then xD”

Q4: What’s your first manga?
A: I don’t remember when I started reading manga (probably after watching animes but before playing games). My first manga was Doraemon, I read it from my cousin’s house.
The next and first manga I took interest by myself and bought it was the first Yu-gi-oh! series.

Q5: How many games have you played?
A: I lost count….ummm, but from the folder series in my computer, I know over 110+ game series (all Final Fantasy games are counted as one series, same as Rockman, Touhou and the others :D”).
But if you want the amount of game titles I played individually… it should be around 250….

Q6: What about animes? (and manga)
A: I lost count for this one too lols
I put in all the light novels, manga and anime originals into one group, and there are 240+ folders with their titles in my computer (not all are listed, since I only created the folders for the series I “intend to follow”. So well, I don’t know how many anime episodes I watched or manga volumes I read, but I can say I know and have gone through almost three hundred titles.

Q7: What’s your first favorite character?
A: Gallantmon (I prefer this name rather than Dukemon) from Digimon Tamers, he still holds a special place in my heart and is still one of my top ranking characters of all time :P

Q8: What’s your favorite genre for games?
A: At first it was only action and fighting games. But as of now, I could play and like all kinds of games! As long as it’s a “game”, and no matter if I’m originally professional or noob with it, I still LOVE playing all kinds of games :3

Q9: What’s your favorite genre for manga and anime then?
A: It was shounen and action back then, but right now I can take it all – and I like to do so! There’s only a few couple of genres and themes I dislike and avoid, but if the story’s good enough I’m still ok and will give it a shot.

Q10: What’s your current no.1 favorite series?
A: Touhou.
Rockman used to be my number one favorite for over seven years…well, until I meet Touhou that is xD”

Q11: What’s your current no.1 favorite character of all time?
A: Inubashiri Momiji (Touhou). This rank used to belong to Phantom (Rockman Zero).
As for character design/development (+story), it’s Naruse Ibara (Coppelion). This position used to belong to Houduki Akane (Ema Skye) from Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright).

Q12: What class/character would you usually choose in games?
A: I usually look at their stats, weapons, and playstyle first. I can play any type of character but if I really have to choose just one…I usually go with the ones that focuses on melee damage, but without too much loss of accuracy (I don’t really care about defense and speed, just a lot of attack power without missing each strike). And I like using swords or blades, so it’s usually Warriors, Swordsman, Hunter, Knight, Assassin, and along those.

Q13: Favorite weapon of choice?
A: Swords, preferably Katanas then it’s Dual Swords.
But… recently I’m really into guns… (all thanks to Noir & Madlax @_@..)

Q14: Guns? What are your favorite guns then?
A: Well.. there’s roughly more than ten firearms that I like…
But currently I’m madly crazy with the Beretta92 the most, next is the recent CZ P-09
I used to like sniper rifles the most due to games, but after getting exposed to more media, I now prefer pistols.

Q15: Why is it…. a “white”.. and “dog”?
A: Well… it started when my friends starts assigning(?) which animal matches up with our characteristics back then in what… elementary? (or was it intermediate…)
And I ended up being a “dog” because umm.. I used to have a “master” back then and people said I behave like a dog… (I’m not sure what kind of context they meant back then lols). Most nicknames that are given from my friends are usually about dogs or referred about them too…
Also, the fact that dogs are my most favorite of all the animals I like.
As for the white… eh, I don’t know why, but someone suggests that because I always “looked pale” (maybe because I don’t really get exposed to the sun…lols)

I mean like… one of my friend even drew these avatars of me xD




Courtesy of all pictures and avatars by my senior Kesh (which is riding on top of me in this pic :D”)


7 thoughts on “FAQs

    1. Zephuros Post author

      Hrm, let’s see
      that would have to be after I finish all the games i want to play, read all the mangas i want to read, watch all the animes i want to watch, read all the novels i want, construct all of the gundams i bought
      last but not least, all of the statements above would surely occured after I graduate from my college
      then maybe i’ll write some >: (start practicing some)
      yes you can link it to your blog, if my novel is up that is
      btw..shhs! dun tell others i have my own fiction and/or OCs >: !!
      although i don’t plan on doing anything with my fiction right now (but still continuing with my characters)
      I have a surprise for everyone in the future, if a project of mine co-operated with my another friend is sucessful…

      1. mad_cartoonist

        After you finished all the games you want to play, read all the mangas you want to read, watch all the animes you want to watch, read all the novels you want, construct all of the gundams you bought.
        …..A ‘no’ it is .____. *okay guy meme*

    2. Zephuros Post author

      hey, don’t give up yet, it’s not like I “don’t” want to write :/
      it’s just that writing is (almost) at the bottom of the list i wanted to do in my life
      oh, and i forgot to add that it’ll have to be after “i (try) learning how to draw pictures” too
      because if i could draw, i won’t be needing any reasons to write a novel
      but since i can’t draw, the only way to make things goes as i please in my imaginary world is through writing


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