(short update) Noir & Madlax

Well, the plan (since last year…lols) was to upload+write about my top favorite characters and series.

I’ve already done planning it but I just haven’t wrote the details yet. After I got my summer break I just couldn’t stop gaming and all other things. (Honestly I’m lazy about blogging too since there’s so much to write… ha ha… apologies to all).

After being super satisfied with my results with Metal Gear Rising Revengeance for weeks, it was about time that the spring season animes come.

But I was very disappointed with the new animes and grew more bored with new animes (Well of course, there’s still good new ones out there, just not at this season this year).

Because I initially planned to watch over 15 animes this season but there was only about 5 I actually cared to follow it every week… I went back to my anime list instead and watched the old animes.

One, no, two of the old animes that have skyrocketed in my rankings and surely has a place in my heart are these two series from Bee Train’s

Noir (2001)


Madlax (2004)

so well, there you go, my “excuse” for the inactive blog posts (lols)

Do note that I’m very into these two series (the 3rd and final one was ok, I don’t appreciate it as much as these two though)

They definitely climbed up into my top ten animes immediately after an amount of episode has passed.

Even after (recently) finishing these two series, I still go back to them everyday – watching moments and scenes I love (I just need MOAR)…

Or even while viewing each week’s anime, I just close them and come back to these two

Well, it’s just that sweet

I’m still exploring old animes right now (dates back up to 90s and 2000s)

And I highly hope that I’ll find more characters like these two awesome protagonists:

Yūmura Kirika (Noir)

I usually like and take interest in super quiet/cool-looking characters, but this is the first time that a quiet character gave me a real cold chill down my spine… (since she’s…..SO FREAKIN’ TOO QUIET!!! =___=” ). I mean, of all the whole series, there’s like only ONE episode where she really give you a natural, happy-innocent smile…which makes her really cute and adorable (rather than calm and collected).

Other than that, her skills are really great (with guns and assassinations), not fantasy-ish great, it’s quite a realistic (possible) method and a very efficient one with how she does things – one of the big main reasons that I like this anime. This is why I like her the most in the story.

Madlax (Madlax)

Madlax…oh Madlax… lols

It’s a bit hard to write about her….hrm, well she’s a very skillful (more like “stylish”?) hit man – won’t say the exact “style” she use or else it’s kinda a tiny bit of a spoiler. She’s very good with her pistol and her work, but she’s also quite a romanticism and a lovely odd character… (oh I really can’t describe her much, since I found some of her moments awkward while some of the other I find her funny, attractive, and interesting lol”). Other badass gun-wielding character couldn’t compete with her unique traits at all. She’s a beautiful badass adorable character…so yep she’s my number one in the story.

(note: too bad they weren’t able to climb up to the top ten in my favorite character list – since it’s very crammed and jammed since long time ago, but surely they both have a special place in my heart :3 )


Finally, let me do some short(?) note about the two series (since after I researched, there are many people the compared it even though it’s kinda exactly alike and not alike at the same time….

I watched Madlax first, and was really struck by its plot and story. The pacing is slow, yes, but there’s still things that kept me watching (but I have to admit at first it’s quite boring). But after an amount of episode, I just can’t wait for the next one, and the anxiousness increases rapidly towards the end of the series. And I’ll say that love both the protagonists of this LOLs, but maybe more towards the main protagonist, since she does more action than the other. Although there are many things that “goes according to what I predict” it’s unbelievable that they used the fact right there to “slap more unpredictable/mind-blowing things into your face” right away. Which makes me VERY satisfied with this series.

Wanting more Madlax after it ended, I went back and watched Noir. Noir’s characters didn’t appeal me “yet”. But after viewing its first episode I was attracted by it right away. I feel more “exciting” and that this is more “interesting” than Madlax’s. I feel pumped up and watched it with joy till the later episodes. The story is quite straightforward and with an amount of experience can be quite predictable (in it’s own way – but there are still twists here and there though). The overall story is inferior than Madlax imho (maybe because it doesn’t manage to blow my mind unlike Madlax) but there are definitely more action and fighting scenes in this one in which I absolutely love the method on how they carry out the fights xD

Oh, and did I mention that the OSTs are composed by our great Yuki Kajiura?

These are my most favorite tracks from these two series:

Noir’s Canta per me

Noir’s Salva Nos

Madlax’s Margaret

Madlax’s Madlax

Madlax’s Yanmaani nowhere

and also be sure to check out the series’ (creditless) awesome openings

I wasn’t “into” these OPs not until I watched its anime series, but after I watched them a couple of time (along with its episodes), I just love the meaningful and beauty of the song and the opening of both of the shows personally beat many modern animes’ OPs!! :P

Welp, yeah, these two series are that great and I love them so I JUST have to write something/make it as a memory somewhere – on my own blog lols.

I mean like…from over 15 new animes and 7 old animes series, these are the recent animes I’ve watched within my summer break and taken a huge like on it. FMAbh was placed 10th while Madlax is the 5th and Noir at the 4th place for my favorite animes of all time.

(oh crap, I’m feeling like my gamer’s side is fading away and being replaced by a manga/anime otaku… nuooooooo @@”!!!!! Well, I do kinda feel depressed not gaming heavily lately… but that’s because my computer is getting old and it couldn’t handle new game nowadays…OTL”)

p.s. and I typed “short” because I intended to post only four pictures and type only a few stuff…. turns out to be I just leak some of my frustrations of wanting more of the two series here too huh ^^”

p.s.2 ah… there goes my English… screw you college life… @_@”


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