Winter 2014 Anime

winter picture from Google Images

winter picture from Google Images

Notice: This ain’t no review or anything similar to it (I’m incapable of doing so), just personal opinion and self-rants on the shows.
Ok, after taking interest in each of the anime PVs and after viewing all the first episodes this week, I decided I’ll still stick with all of them – there’s only 8 of them this season:

[Jan 05] Noragami

Wasn’t expecting to be enjoying it this much, because of how similar the characters, story synopsis and setting it has to all others out there. After reading its back story and watching its PV, I never would have thought that I’ll be enjoying the comedy in this anime. It managed to make me laugh although not a lot, but many times in the first episode. But for now, I’m just enjoying this show only at this point, I’m still neutral with its other aspects. I didn’t follow its original, I’ll decided if I’ll do that probably after the anime ends, I’m enjoying how the anime is for now.


[Jan 06] D-Frag

Yes, yes, I was initially interested in the manga because it says it’s about a club that develop “games”. And since it’s animated I decide to watch it. They still retain the craziness going one, which is good – since I’ve already read the manga and the anime still managed to make me laugh. Seeing how the characters (more like just the protagonist) yelling at each other with jokes and gags reminds me of Sket Dance. And wow, there’s tons (or at least the all of the famous ones) of Media Factory’s manga series in the anime (club room), it’s all real stuff legit!


[Jan 08] Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Starts being excited with the new OP (well, how they “circle” around the characters), then I was bored because it’s not that funny anymore with how the show’s going (and maybe the fact that I’m not into romance, though it’s fine if they have some). Was incredibly bored half-way through the first episode until Touka showed and pumped things up (including a laugh from me). I’m glad she returned even if it’s just for a brief while. I still hope this show would make me laugh like it used to did in season one, afterall I’m just watching this for how bizarre the characters and their actions are and to crack up for some of the show’s jokes.


[Jan 09] Silver Spoon S2

I like animals, and is always welcoming any kind of knowledge related to them. Hmm, I’ll have to say that I’m quite so-so with both the manga and the say it straightly it’s just that this series hasn’t given me any peaked, bored, up or down moments. That’s just what I feel reading or watching it. Well I do laugh from time after time, but none of the jokes have cracked me hard to the point I’m enjoying its funny moments yet. Season two has a bit of a change though, just a bit, I get to finally be looking forward to the “dog”..even though I know he’ll show up just for a brief while. But I mean, oh well at least there’s something now in this show, for me. (I actually also like Mikage, but only in the manga though, lols). Silver Spoon’s ED is probably my most favorite for this new anime season.


[Jan 09] Sakura Trick

It was pretty so-so during the first few couple minutes of the anime until the OP came up…
I was like….the OP’s…….FTW………………!!! Right there, everything it needs…….
I wasn’t realizing I was having a wide grin (more like of a smirk) for the whole Opening…. it’s just awesome in “that” sense. Well, to be honest I was a little bothered with how all the shows nowadays have dances. but it’s fine though, it’s quite an eye candy anyways. Also, other than the characters, the background seems to be bugging me a little bit. I’m not sure, but maybe it’s the 3D effects (or 2.5D?) and how it looks really plain, but understandable it’s from a 4-koma manga afterall. The original manga did not gain much laughs from me (as do the anime), the manga’s fine, I’m enjoying the how this is being animated…a LOT. Both give me wide grins though. Dhem it OP, now I feel like watching it endlessly (might need tissues). Seems like its my most favorite song (and the OP itself) for the new anime this season. This is probably the show I’ll be looking forward for the next episodes the most for this season.


[Jan 09] Pupa

I wonder why it’s a very short anime.. I thought an anime with 10 minutes per ep is already very short..this turns out to be 4 minutes in its first episode…Also, watching it feels like I’m seeing a visual novel or of some sort…dunno. Well they cut straight right into the main/core of the story of the manga (pretty fast and straightforward.. well they only have just a couple of minutes..). The backgrounds are buggy me.. a bit, just a bit. But I’m fine with it. As a manga reader, guess I’ll follow it till the anime ends.


[Jan 10] Wake Up, Girls!

This is probably my first anime about idols (since I’m not much into them, and I just don’t bother about any shows that are created from something IRL)…And I don’t really remember why I took interest in this (maybe the coloring and background from the key visual art). Anyways, from the looks of the OP this anime should be totally fine for me. At least for now I can continue to watch it for its animation and backgrounds (not that great compared to other companies, but still nice to see) since I’m pretty sure the story will take a while to develop. Oh, but I do enjoy the song and dances (in this manner, as in a complete thought-up dance with a song singed) just like I do with others. Can’t ever say or know if the dance’s good or not, since I rarely watch them – only view those dances that are animated only, which is why I can’t tell. Anyhow from the OP, I think it’ll display about how the girls struggle to be an idol group (well duh..lols), it’s one side of the stories in which I haven’t touched about yet from either manga, anime or games (since as said, I just don’t care about anything IRL or related to it), so I’m actually slightly excited on how this will open me up to a new view point in which I might have not acquired before about a certain group’s life.


[Jan 11] Nisekoi

Was looking forward to the animation (slightly also the coloring) because this is animated by Shaft, but I almost can’t tell that this is animated by the company..probably because the genre of the story differs from the previous ones I’ve watched from Shaft. I was able to tell later after watching the whole episode on the “arty” stuffs they added…that’s definitely Shaft alright. By the way, I followed the manga (which makes me watch the anime) because it is one of Komi Naoshi’s works. Sadly it’s currently the only successful manga and only one that is adapted into an animation (I like Double Arts and all his other one-shots, story-wise than this). But anyways, this work of his is not so much like others and it still have things I enjoy (although the story is going towards the same predictable road). It’s just interesting how he set the story up and how this story can bring me laughs and making me not care much or is bothered by the romance (actually love comedy) that’s going on – it’s not quite boring like the other lov-come. If my memory serves me right though.. I think the anime removed some of bits and some of the details from the manga, but whatever..they always do this in adaptations anyways, which is why I’ll always prefer the original – the manga in this case. Oh yeah, I did not know who are the VAs for each of the characters (never bothered because watching an anime or not will never depend on a VA) but right when I heard Onodera Kosaki’s voice, I immediately knew she had the VA of Fukasaku Aoi (Coppelion) and especially Sengoku Nadeko (Monogatari series)… it’s just like Nadeko has entered into this anime herself, these two are the most distinguishable characters for this VA for me and not so much for others (oh, sorry I don’t know her name.. I just can’t really remember IRL people’s names :D”).


The only new titles in which I have not know about them before until I’ve watched the compiled PV was Noragami and Wake Up Girls. I’ve already know the rest before its anime adaptation.

But hrm.. is it me or there’s really less interesting animes to watch this season..? And I’m not particularly that excited for any of them either…(Although as said, if I need to choose one, it’s Sakura Trick).
Or maybe it’s because the previous season I’m so excited and hyped for Coppelion, and even before that it was Shingeki no Kyojin…(so you can pretty much say 2013’s anime was a real blast, excitement and joyful moments for me). So maybe this is why I felt this season’s animations are really really boring….lols.

Anyways, I hope the list does continue to be short like this (as in I won’t be interest in any more new anime this season) since I still have tons and tons of animations to watch, also other hobbies I want to do… and well studying/exam stuffs. This is a good amount of number to watch, a bit still too much for my time, but considered better than previous seasons.

p.s. pftt.. yeah, ranking posts are still not up because this is easier and shorter to write.. xD”
(well I finished uploading and putting in the links and basic information already, just haven’t wrote the comments I’d like to say for each character/series yet… I will TRY to do it before this month ends…)

Most favorite “songs” for this winter season:

Best Opening song: Sakura Trick’s
SAKURA*TRICK – Won(*3*)Chu KissMe!

Best Ending song: Silver Spoon’s
Oto no Naru Hou e→


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