Finally Arrived

My first animation series bought directly from Japan in my life
My first blu-ray bought in my life

Yeah, this was out since November 27, but I just got it today…
I ordered it through Softmap’s to get that A3 wall scroll as the tokuten.. (really like to get Gamer’s box, but the price is too much different…)
How much did it cost? Well….I’ve just sacrificed my 3 MG Gundam budgets I’ve been saving last year for the whole set….
But hey.. I mean it’s the cheapest listed price of all six stores, I also ordered the whole set a few weeks prior before it was released you know?
And most importantly…aside from games, I’ve never love any manga series this much… so I’m going to support it as much as I could… (all my top 10 favorite series I’m devoting my life to are all games since I’m more of a gamer than a manga/anime otaku, this was the first series as an original manga to make it into that top ten ranking of mine – beating a few game titles too.)
This is my first.. and will probably be my last… TTwTT”

p.s. favorite character rankings should be up by this weekend, will also be returning to edit the wiki by this weekend too – currently writing a letter to the author


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