How to install&play Japanese games on PC with AppLocale

This is a guide to install Japanese games on your PC computer/laptop correctly without needing to change your system and windows to a japanese version and how to open the games up and run it properly.

(title screen from AoiShiro)

First, things that you need:

1. DAEMON Tools

2. Applocale

3. Japanese language installed in your computer

you can get them via google, or the website I usually use for finding general programs is FileHippo

and here’s where you can get Applocale

Next is

– install DAEMON tools and AppLocale

– get your games (ask me for any specific games or if you can’t find them), there’s too many sources I got them from – both regular sites and through google’ing. Ask down below in the comments or e-mail me if you’re having trouble getting the games or where to get it

>>(Click on the pictures to view its larger versions)<<

1) Right click at the DAEMON Tools you installed (it has a flash-sign like there)

>> Virtual Devices

2) Select Device 0: (it might not be the same drive G for every computer)

>> Mount Image

3) Choose the file game you want to mount, usually it’s often in .ISO or .MDS file (I’m going to use Kajiri Kamui Kagura as an example for mounting here)

4) mounting done! The computer will recognize as if you’ve just inserted a game disc

5) open the installation file (.exe) with apploc

6) click next in Apploc and browse the game (.exe file or “set up” Application type file, or whatever guess sometimes to choose which file is the installation) you want to install

7) choose the language you want it to open as (Japanese of course, it’s the last option)

8) click next, finish, and there you have it

Since you’re in the installation screen right now, each game differs, so you’ll have to use your Japanese skills or instincts at times

Most famous games have English Patch, but you have to patch it after completing the installs in the game

9) Once you’re done installing (be sure, if the installation success, try opening the game file where you installed it)  be sure to unmount the game like this

>> DAEMON Tools >> Virtual Devices

>> Device 0: -your drive- >> Unmount Image

How to open games (after you install it)

1) Apploc (again)

2) browse the launcher/starter/game file you want to start playing (Ougon Musou Kyoku as an example to open games up)

3) click next, choose the Japanese language (again), and created a shortcut if you don’t want to do these many steps next time and click finish (after finish, your game will start)

4) your short cut will be here (and you could drag it to the desktop like mine for convenience)

Done!!! Want some list of VN&doujin games I LOVE :B?


8 thoughts on “How to install&play Japanese games on PC with AppLocale

  1. Origami Orgasm

    Screenshot of Yuki Nagato! Well, basically anyone who pirates the game will know about daemon tool. Unless that game has a crack file, you don’t even need daemon tool.

    Of course I believe everyone knows how good apploc is, but apploc doesn’t always work all the time.

    Another thing, are you trying to promote peoples to pirate the games by using daemon tool?

    1. Zephuros

      It’s completely up to them. It’s just that I once wrote this instruction to a friend who asks me how can he play a visual novel game, so I got some SS and taught him how to do it. And nope, not everybody (at least here) knows Daemon tool.
      Well, not all games comes all-packed ready for you to install/play it with one click, especially japanese games with no english translation.
      I still haven’t ever got any problems using apploc.
      I’ll leave that up to your decision for the last question. I’ll just say that people do pirate games, because they pirate games (and other media), some pirate and buy the real copy too, some pirate games because no matter how hard they try they can’t import or find the game, because the game has fan translation and you want to play it. I’m the mix of all of them. I have too many interests and I have to save alot for each things (yep, I’m quite in trouble the more I expand my interests), sacrifice some things in my daily life just to buy those things xD
      Well, I never feel and think that pirating games is the right thing to do (yet I still do it), but if you know our circumstances here you’ll probably get it why we do it, but I won’t go too deep into that.

    1. Zephuros Post author

      ha ha ha, guess what, I already tried that many times xD
      (ei, I like music especially OSTs kay?) I have many notepads because I just have to keep note of so many things I have to do/stuffs I need to get @_@
      (there’s actually alot more in the folders on the desktop, after I tried to clean it lol)

  2. mitesh chadel

    thanks for such a guide.I tried doiing all but I’m stuck at a certain step. It’s step no.8. when i select language and after pressing next it gives me an error

    Applocale was unable to launch the specified application
    Please make sure the application specified is valid
    and yes i did select setup . I think it should work but I’m stuck.


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