First self-made GIFs: Noir & Madlax

It’s almost over a month and I’m still being crazy about Noir and Madlax as if I just finished watching those two yesterday, so I feel like I want to devote myself and do something for the two great series…

Being someone that loves GIFs…..I wanted to do soooooo many of them ages ago..

So I started searching how to do GIFs on Saturday with a big will to do GIFs for some of my favorite scenes from the Noir and Madlax anime:

I started experimenting on Sunday, and did my first GIFs on Monday….
(I have to do GIFs starting from 80 frames for one sec animation and up to 400+ frames for the seven seconds animation….. oh gawd =-=”)

Well…..until an unexpected accident happened to my computer….

I was unable to do GIFs anymore @_@….
(Everything on the computer – that requires graphics … all went hellish…)

I spend half of Tuesday and the whole Wednesday trying to fix the problem… but I was only able to recover about… say… 80%?

There’s still those lagging effects which hinders me from making these GIFs

anyways.. here are the GIFs…. and I’ll probably won’t do any more TT^TT….
(warning: heavy download)

There are the first three GIFs I made, it’s … “almost perfect”

noir gif1 test

noir gif2 test

noir gif3 test

Until well… I can’t do much/anything with it right now… because of my craptop…OTL

And the ones after this were… omg, noobish and shameful.. T_T…
It has missing frames, lagging effect (most annoying problem…), skipped frames (you won’t notice until you played all of the frames together, I tried to fix and find the problem on specific frames, but this is the best I could), and also playing the previous frame when it’s supposed to go to the next one….

Even worse, picture has missing pixels and I used to be able to finish a GIF with its highest quality but now I can only do when it’s in low quality…. TTwTT

ml gif1 180 pic delay3 no lag + fix_test ver

ml gif2 178 pic delay 0.03 LQ + minor fix

ml gif3 198 pic delay 0.03 with lag

ml gif4 150 pic delay 0.03 minor lag

Last GIF from Noir, least frame, easiest to make…. but still has low quality and minor lagging effect _ _|||

nr gif4 44 pic delay 0.03

And there goes my full five holidays….. a lot of work and toleration but only 3 good results from the planned 16 GIFs… TT^TT


Btw…the Noir screenshots used in these GIFs are from its remastered version…
…So when will Madlax get remastered as a Blu-ray !?!? @_____@…..


4 thoughts on “First self-made GIFs: Noir & Madlax

    1. Zephuros Post author

      ohhh, heya :D
      Thanks >_<! (well, I did this the "hard way" anyways… lols)
      But seriously, it still needs a lot of work, but before I could do that… I need a new pc/lappy :v
      Thanks for your visiting xD!


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