Jan 2014 Desktop


A post showing you how messy my desktop has become and what I’ve recently I’ve been up to

It’s been around one year, and I’m still using the same desktop wallpapers:

It’s still only Metal Gear Rising’s pictures.

(As you can see, I still have mostly OSTs and songs occupying my desktop since I listen to them everyday, or at least every week)

And there you go, my most favorite games on the PC and those that I’m recently playing (MGR and TR, I’m also trying to get RE5&RE6 too – since I enjoyed RE4 very much)

Sure, I’d like to use Coppelion wallpapers, but none of them are high quality and detailed enough (compared to these) to be on the desktop….
Of course the anime screenshots will work, but I’m waiting for the Blu-ray quality ones…yep.

And I’m still loving and waiting for my beloved game to be on the PC….
and finally here it is…..! Now I get this to play this long-awaited-to-be-ported game :D !!

Which is why there won’t be much updates as I planned to, since I got my hands on this awesome game…^^”
(the rankings are actually done.. I’m just quite lazy to type all those, uploading tons of pictures and sticking links in here and there xD”)

I know this game’s playtime is quite short, but since I love this game very much (I do love the DMC series that’s why) I’ll probably spend quite an amount clearing it again and again until at least I got perfect scores and ranking for each missions…

So well…until then!


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