About this Blog

So, this is a page where I’ll be explaining about what this blog is about.

Mainly, this is going to be about my Gamer and Otaku life. And maybe some news update games, manga, or anime when I feel like it or the ones I’m really interested.
Since I don’t have that much time doing daily updates, I don’t intend to make this blog for updates and news for anything anymore.
If there’s an update/news post, it’ll just may have been an expression of my happiness about some news or update if I manage to catch on it before it is too old.

Might contain some rants but I’m intending not to do so at all in this blog (but there just might be some..)

This blog will contain, for example:
– My interests
– characters that I like
– Gundam model kits that I’m working on and the ones that are already done before making this blog
– Something random or funny I would like to share it to everyone from my real life
– Events and comiket-like events that I went to as well as how was it and what I have retrieved from
– New games, manga, gundams, books, or anything I bought and I wanna show it
…Projects in the future, and more
I actually would like to give Reviews on various stuffs, IF my English improves to a certain point that I’m capable of being confident enough to write one.


As for now, no media in this blog belongs to me, it is either gained through internet access or drawn by the others and given to me. (Because I cannot draw or use computer in assisting graphics to any certain degree)
Photographics taken from the real world in the photographic category posts will belong to me though, if not I will properly credit or state where the photos are from.

Update: Well, except for the self-made Noir&Madlax GIFs in which I just recently learned how to do so…. The GIFs in that post is made by me.


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