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First self-made GIFs: Noir & Madlax

It’s almost over a month and I’m still being crazy about Noir and Madlax as if I just finished watching those two yesterday, so I feel like I want to devote myself and do something for the two great series…

Being someone that loves GIFs…..I wanted to do soooooo many of them ages ago..

So I started searching how to do GIFs on Saturday with a big will to do GIFs for some of my favorite scenes from the Noir and Madlax anime:

I started experimenting on Sunday, and did my first GIFs on Monday….
(I have to do GIFs starting from 80 frames for one sec animation and up to 400+ frames for the seven seconds animation….. oh gawd =-=”)

Well…..until an unexpected accident happened to my computer….

I was unable to do GIFs anymore @_@….
(Everything on the computer – that requires graphics … all went hellish…)

I spend half of Tuesday and the whole Wednesday trying to fix the problem… but I was only able to recover about… say… 80%?

There’s still those lagging effects which hinders me from making these GIFs

anyways.. here are the GIFs…. and I’ll probably won’t do any more TT^TT….
(warning: heavy download)
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Jan 2014 Desktop


A post showing you how messy my desktop has become and what I’ve recently I’ve been up to

It’s been around one year, and I’m still using the same desktop wallpapers:
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Previous year’s work

Welp, I feel kind of wrong calling it a “previous year’s” work.. since I’ve never work or did anything on the internet at all lols…

Lazy to write/rant about why I started working here and will only work for this series (and not like someone’s gonna read about this anyways xD”), else it’ll be essay pages.

Just gonna post it here as some memorial to the me in the future.
1425 edits for 117 articles in 316 pages

…and I’m not done ^^” (only updated the wiki up to volume 11, but spoilers ahead up to volume 22.. ha ha)

Thank you all admin(s) and contributors for all of your edits in the wiki, and let’s continue our work :D


Sigh, all blog plannings delayed due to being addicted back to old Games and watching some old movies and anime series…(being real lazy with work and stuffs and just gettin’ back to the same ol’ me)

Gonna try to post my final rankings (for everything) for the previous year…(probably after exams this mid January…)