[Vocaloid] Common Heroes (Bookmark of Demise Project)

The fifth song of 150-p‘s Bookmark of Demise Project xD!!
(This was uploaded since last month, but I haven’t got time to check it, but I randomly found this PV again while searching about IA, again @.@”)

Note: Those who haven’t watch the previous four PVs, please do so, or else this PV will just all be but spoilers and you won’t understand much of what’s going on and why.

在来ヒーローズ (Common Heroes)
Note: It is pronouced as “Arikitari” Hiiroozu instead of “Zairai” Hiiroozu
Is the ONLY song in this project (right now) that is not sung by IA (until the new album comes out it can’t be confirmed that this is the only song not sung by IA), instead this song is sang by four vocaloids: Hatsune Miku, Gumi, Kagamine Rin, and Mayu (wiki those vocaloids if you don’t know any of them!)

Also, this time it is more and fully animated than the previous four. It also provides the answer to all four videos!
(sorry that there’s no English subs on the SS anymore, can’t find a HD quality enough vid with English sub to capture the SS >_>a)

Now, for some SS of the fifth PV!


Happy End

Or not…?


Niconico (original PV)

[I suggest you watch this one if you have no Niconico account] Youtube
(the only fine raw PV I can find right now on YT, it has Chinese subs atm though @_@”)

The only English sub I can find right now:
Youtube with Eng Subs (very bad quality)

Niconico (karaoke)

or DL it here (HD, Chinese subs – sorry I can’t find a HD one with Eng sub) in case there’s a problem with Youtube
Note: I did NOT do the translations, I got it from YT and just upload them, all the credits to their respectful owners to the vid/english translators

Full Credits for the song:
Music: 150-P
Lyrics: スズム
Guitar: ぎぶそん
Movie: Yuuki Iwakura
Main Design: さいね
Illust&Animation: わんにゃんぷー
Support: 空


I was really happy this/5th vid was made. (I thought those four PVs are all they have xD” because they already got a manga and novel on its own!) And I also heard about there’s an animation @_@, but nor solid confirmation right now so I’m just toning down my hype (if there really is I’ll be super hyped!)

It’s a great vid, as always from vocaloid PV creators xD, it makes me more curious about the whole story and what really happened after that shadow figure at the end of the PV? Now, I’ll be really looking forward to its manga and novel!

Parts that I like about this song were:
– the introduction part before the title came up (the guitar was fabulous!)
– the first time they sang “Heibon Hero” and they switch turns between the four characters and ends with D-ne when she became B-ko
– The black background drawn by white lines, the bloodshed was cool too

– The part where they start to commit the murder – speficially from where they sang “motto motto mae ni” and A-ya turns to find C-ta behind him, also when B-ko turns around finding no one and the hands of D-ne creeps toward her
– Best part would be the bloody-handed D-ne with her smirk (I like TWAT smirk!) under the blue umbrella! Most favorite moment of this song xD!

Although I like the lineart of the four previous original PVs alot more than this one, but hey this is alot more fully animated so of course it’ll take more time and drawings right? But overall I’m really satisfied with the vid.

The song immediately hooked oh to me too (great job on the guitar!) Although the 4th PV song – Aimless Imitation Chair Stealing Game will still be my favorite and no.1 favorite song for this project atm :B

Really like how the whole project laid out the suspense, atmosphere, and of course blood (lol). And not only each PVs answer one another, this PV answers the whole

Your my least favorite character in this project but you’re really cool in this moment!


Finally, already updated this in the last post for Bookmark of Demise Project, but I guess I’ll just put it here again xD

Bookmark of Demise project finally has its own official website!
Also, a new album is released! 終焉-Re:write- (Demise-Re:write-) includes all the previous 12 songs and has added new songs in a total of 25 songs! You can purchase the album at Japan’s Amazon – it will be released on March 13,2013.

Note: The fifth PV song will also be included in these albums (track no.22)

終焉-Re:write- (Regular Edition)

終焉-Re:write- (Limited Edition)

>>And this is its own PV ,(YT link) to promote the new albums<<
(has song previews and PV video previews)

Note: from the Bookmark of Demise Project’s manga, the following characters are named:
The boy from Hide and Seek of Isolation is “A-ya” (boy with ahoge and a doll)
The girl from Warning of Imposters is “B-ko” (girl with red ribbon)
The boy from Perfect Crime Love Letter is “C-ta” (the other boy)
The girl from Aimless Imitation Chair Stealing Game is “D-ne” (girl with long hair and blue ribbon)

You can also read more about Bookmark of Demise Project’s manga and novel at my old post.

p.s. I was planning on doing Children Record for the next Vocaloid song, but then this had to came first xD” (even I had more prepared with Children Record… lol)

Update2: The sixth song

負け犬至上主義 (Underdog Supremacy), once again sang by IA



note: I’m not going to SS or make any post about this 6th PV…reason? Well.. it’s because A-ya and C-ta @_@…
opinion: feels like this song is a character song for A-ya……I have a feeling at least three songs will be coming soon featuring the other three as the main for each song >_>a


4 thoughts on “[Vocaloid] Common Heroes (Bookmark of Demise Project)

  1. writelazy

    Thank you for the news Zephuros. I haven’t checked any Vocaloid updates since……. (I don’t remember when >.>”) I also like the previous PVs’ lineart more than this one, but it’s still nicely done.

    1. Zephuros Post author

      Oh! you have a blog too xD?
      As I said, this post (PV) should have been since Januray (now it’s March… look at the time @_@”)
      I’m so busy I cant’ do instant updates anymore but I’m just still going to post about favorite things of mine and what I like.
      Next post for vocaloid will be Children Record (yeah, another since-last-year-PV) @.@”
      but I’ll be updating about its manga, novel and animation too

    1. Zephuros Post author

      No I’m dead,
      this is just me as an individual personality that exists on the network by converting my personality and memory into data and transplanting into it
      ref: this week’s Robotics;Notes ep 19
      aside that, “well” you say? lol, I can’t stop laughing


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