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[Vocaloid: IA] Bookmark of Demise Project (by 150-p)

Bookmark of Demise Project (終焉ノ栞プロジェクト) are songs made by 150-P (one half P).

All of the songs are sang by IA (vocaloid) and it contains four original PVs
>>Update!!: The fifth song!

You can see my post about it here:
在来ヒーローズ (Common Heroes) <<

I have encountered these songs while I was searching for IA PVs to watch

As for how I have discover IA, I first saw her as a figure model on an online ordering shop and I was literally “bewitched” by her. (I’m still deciding everyday whether to buy her or not … but she is too expensive for me at the moment …she’s 9,975 yen, I never bought any figures or plastic model kit for more than 8000 yen OTL). Right now she became my most (and first) favorite vocaloid.

The figure was based on this official boxart (and I like IA even more after seeing this ><“)

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