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First self-made GIFs: Noir & Madlax

It’s almost over a month and I’m still being crazy about Noir and Madlax as if I just finished watching those two yesterday, so I feel like I want to devote myself and do something for the two great series…

Being someone that loves GIFs…..I wanted to do soooooo many of them ages ago..

So I started searching how to do GIFs on Saturday with a big will to do GIFs for some of my favorite scenes from the Noir and Madlax anime:

I started experimenting on Sunday, and did my first GIFs on Monday….
(I have to do GIFs starting from 80 frames for one sec animation and up to 400+ frames for the seven seconds animation….. oh gawd =-=”)

Well…..until an unexpected accident happened to my computer….

I was unable to do GIFs anymore @_@….
(Everything on the computer – that requires graphics … all went hellish…)

I spend half of Tuesday and the whole Wednesday trying to fix the problem… but I was only able to recover about… say… 80%?

There’s still those lagging effects which hinders me from making these GIFs

anyways.. here are the GIFs…. and I’ll probably won’t do any more TT^TT….
(warning: heavy download)
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(short update) Noir & Madlax

Well, the plan (since last year…lols) was to upload+write about my top favorite characters and series.

I’ve already done planning it but I just haven’t wrote the details yet. After I got my summer break I just couldn’t stop gaming and all other things. (Honestly I’m lazy about blogging too since there’s so much to write… ha ha… apologies to all).

After being super satisfied with my results with Metal Gear Rising Revengeance for weeks, it was about time that the spring season animes come.

But I was very disappointed with the new animes and grew more bored with new animes (Well of course, there’s still good new ones out there, just not at this season this year).

Because I initially planned to watch over 15 animes this season but there was only about 5 I actually cared to follow it every week… I went back to my anime list instead and watched the old animes.

One, no, two of the old animes that have skyrocketed in my rankings and surely has a place in my heart are these two series from Bee Train’s

Noir (2001)


Madlax (2004)

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