First Seinen favorite character

Title says it all. (Oh, and this post won’t have spoilers kay xD?)

And.. if you’re wondering what’s a “seinen”… try google’ing, say like for quick results… wiki

But before that, I have to tell a little bit between me and a Seinen category manga type.

I’ve seen seinen manga (from the cover) for a long time  – around after I studied on Japanese by myself, but I never actually look inside each of the manga or read it anywhere.

I never bought one, since if I were curious on what the manga is about, I searched google and mangafox to see its story and lineart. After that, I have to honestly say, I haven’t took a seinen manga and read it in the past years, because I don’t like the lineart. (yes.. I know it’s a bad thing for me – having a closed-up mind >_>a)

until around two years ago, I went to a manga shop and they told me I could try reading the mangas because they know how much care I handle a manga and other books (I was pretty a regular there). I started with Code Breaker, the story (I got interested by the protagonist’s “blue flame” power, since I like blue, and yes I like Fire powers) but I only read the story and continued reading it in the internet and not buying the actual manga.

Years past, and whenever I encounter with a seinen manga, I’ll just search it up on the internet and read it – I felt that I didn’t like the overall of the manga to the point of purchasing it at that time.

Oh well, and after that I kept getting to know more seinen manga, like BTOOOM! – eventhough I like its story very much I still feel nothing to character (linearts) of a seinen manga. Too bad BTOOOM! isn’t localized in my country, or else I would have brought it because I really like the story – just the story.

Ousama Game is one of the seinen manga I’ve encountered, I read it just at the end of volume “one” then that’s it (at that time the scanlations are only up to volume one) yet, I feel again ok… “meh” for the characters (actually the main characters inside the manga – not the cover even actually look like characters from Bakuman..) and the story was the type I’m always interested in (see MF or link down below).

But due to my laziness to study for exams after New Year, I came upon this manga – Ousama Game again (somehow, I actually forgot eventhough not even a month has passed lol). Well, honestly I typed this up in January, but I finished this post today so yeah @_@a..

I re-read volume one (and I actually still remember everything much so I was actually wondering why am I re-reading it?) Then I continued reading on volume two (it’s finally out till chapter 10 – the end of chapter two).

Then… THEN!!! I just saw a character making her debut into the story of Ousama Game

And that character is…(oh, I trust all of you would just skip my messages and see the pictures, right lol?)

Iwamura Ria (岩村 莉愛) from Ousama Game (王様ゲーム)

(and this is the actual page that makes me fall to her)

Funny thing is, she actually appears three time before her proper debut around the latter part of Ousama Game’s Manga volume 2 and I don’t even notice her.

The first time in volume one at the chapter 1 title page – too small to see her overall apperance and since she was sitting and you can only see her side, the second time in the classroom (with like, 2 small panels showing her using her phone, then a smirk)

And the third time when it shows some of the classmate’s reaction after a certain event – she’s one of the even smaller panels (won’t try to spoil things here) in volume 2

I have to say, it’s really a surprise for me to find this type of character in this kind of story/seinen lineart

I’ll just tell how’s her characteristic is from the protagonist: (and yes I just copy/pasted this sentence from mangafox)

“It’s not nice to say it… but the weirdest one among the girls is defenitely Ria. I’ve never seen her talk, nor has she interacted with anybody.” – Kanazawa Nobuaki (protagonist of Ousama Game)

I won’t tell more about her (I’m pretty sure you could guess the type of character she would be >_>) since it’ll be huge spoilers for this manga/story, especially her real identity….(also the reason why I won’t be explaning what I like about her, since those are also spoilers..)

(this page is next to the previous one, even makes me like her even more – dat piercing gaze…!)

(and yes I did edit this picture with photoshop to get the texts out :/)

I like her so much she immediately jumps into my top 20 favorite character lists (of girls), eventhough this manga is only 5 volumes long. And she has a very high potential to enter the top 10 ranking, I’m deciding it along with another one new character I recently liked from one month ago.

And I even discovered her colored-version, she has white hair, that’s so heck cool :D


You can read Ousama Game and its summary at Mangafox, although it’s only 10 chapters (end of volume 2) right now…


For any japanese readers, you can DL and read them at updateraw, there’s total of 5 volumes (ended).

The manga’s sequal named Ousama Game Shuukyoku (王様ゲーム 終極) volume 1 is already out by the time I discovered about this, you can DL and also read them (in japanese, no scanlations atm) at updateraw.

p.s. Yes I’ve read all the five mangas of Ousama Game including the Shuukyoku’s first volume and I know how the story ended, who’s the “king” and what happens after that :/

And… reading/understanding this manga was tedious…as I’m not very skillful/fluent with Japanese yet, without the lack of Furigana (google it if you don’t know xD!) it makes thing really hard for me to read mangas – I actually took at least 4-5 times reading through carefully (with the help of a friend, the internet, dictionaries) just to finally understood at some of the pages – -”

Oh, and I’m tremendously happy to know that this manga will be localized at my country lol. And actually the manga was out in the day I’m typing about this (but the post isn’t published). I hope volume TWO comes out quick @_____@

p.s. my character rankings, favorite games/manga/anime/songs and many more pages will be coming up this month, after March 7 I’ll be totally free and will be able to come back to full gaming&updating my blog!


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