JP Stuff

It’s been a while since I’ve acquired these items, but I just had some time to take photos of them and write about it yesterday.

Long story short, a friend of mine got a quota from his father’s company to go to Japan (along with his dad), so I asked him to get me a few stuff for me.

The most important and biggest thing I asked my friend were these babies :D

Yep, All of the 20 volumes of Coppelion manga, including its clear folder.
Coppelion is the second manga series that I have bought the original Japanese copies that has at least twenty volumes (the first manga series being Dorabase). Well.. of course, this is currently my most favorite manga after all.

And of course, yes, I did buy a total of three same folders … you probably know why I did this if you’re also a collector or is a maniac :D (well, also the fact that I got its original price before it was increased too).

Each volume has over 200 pages…and is very thick. Anyways, do note that volume 19’s cover strap is special than the others and I’m very pleased with this :B

And heck yes, my first wall scroll ever, from Eiyuu Densetsu Sen no Kiseki (The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Flash). Since wall scrolls are expensive and rare after it’s out for a while, this is the only one I’ve acquired (because my friend went directly to the shop selling it, so he got a special price) and being that the game’s just released a couple of months ago – it’s not out of stock yet.

ZOID’s Great Saber.
Of course, I have at least 30 more Gundam and other model kits I’d like to buy, but since it’s not often that Kotobukiya will re-product Zoids (as compared to Bandai always having all their Gundam stocks available) I just have to ask my friend to get this for me. And the price is halved when bought directly from the Kotobukiya store compared to if I get it directly from here (the price on the sticker in the photo is not the price bought).

Finally some Anime CDs and Game OSTs
I only buy the songs I really really fell in love with.
Since I’m an OST maniac (I don’t listen much to vocal songs). I’ve already gotten FF7, FF7AC, DSDFF, DMC4, MHP3rd, FFType-0 and Rockman OSTs (etc, blah blah blah) but I haven’t got FF8’s and the new Gyakuten Saiban compiled OSTs yet. So I asked my friend to get them for me if it’s available – and it is.
I’m still finding other game and anime OSTs (e.g. AoiShiro, DMC3, SnK), but then my friend said it’s out of stock by the time he went there. So oh well.. another opportunity that is.

AnoHana’s ED is absolutely beautiful. I just have to get it.
As for Coppelion, I was planning on buying the song albums whenever it’s out even if I like it or not since I’ve decided that I’ll support everything of this series. But it turns out to be that I really love its ED song (coincidentally also that angela sung it and is currently my most favorite human-vocal band too) so I just had to buy it.
Especially with one of my top ten favorite characters on the (back) cover…. why not?

I also asked my friend to find me some game and artbooks, but since all of them are really old, he didn’t manage to find any of them for me (which is well…normal, it really is old). So I got none of the books this time.

That’s basically it, I tried to be short this time (because currently I have to return to something else, and I haven’t even touch my ranking posts, and I’m happy that it’s quite short and very summarized .. compared to what I initially plan on writing in here.

p.s. I forgot to do this, but Coppelion’s Site Story I and Artworks I are already uploaded on the page!


7 thoughts on “JP Stuff

  1. teririn

    I am so jealous of your Coppelion collection! D;
    I’m a big fan of Coppelion, too! Though I haven’t finished the manga yet (still on Volume 15 >_<").

    1. Zephuros Post author

      Thanks(?) ^w^
      the last BD volume actually arrived last week and I got softmap’s tokuten :3
      (an A3 wall scroll of Naruse Ibara)

      too lazy to do updates and what-nots right now… too busy gaming and watching old animes :D”

      1. teririn

        You’re welcome! =]]
        OMG. That wall scroll looks amazing!! OwO
        Haha, and it’s alright! ^^ I also wanted to thank you for the links to the scanlated volumes 12-14. =D

          1. teririn

            Oh, that’s too bad! >_<" It still looks great either way. Haha.

            Mont Gomery, right? What do you mean by programmer?

            1. Zephuros Post author

              The English translator is Amanda Haley. Mont Gomery only did the translations and edits for the three special extra chapters.
              I got a program from a friend that DL mangas of the internet instead of saving its picture one by on xD

              1. teririn

                I see! Thanks. ^^
                Cool! I have a manga reader app on my Android device and it downloads the manga I want for offline reading. =D


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