Touhou 13.5 Test Run

Some quick screenshots of me trying the trial game for Touhou Shinkirou ~ Hopeless Masquerade (東方心綺楼 ~ Hopeless Masquerade), aka TH 13.5

The game’s trial was released on the usual winter comiket, on December 30, 2012
but I have just got my hands on this game (actually it was in my computer for a month, just didn’t have time to touch it yet).

Available characters so far in the first released trial are:
Hakurei Reimu (博麗 霊夢)
Kirisame Marisa (霧雨 魔理沙)
Kumoi Ichirin (雲居 一輪)

(Marisa looks toooooooo serious in this picture it’s just not the usual her xD)

characters’ intro poses before they start the battle has been added to this game

since I do not know any of the game’s mechanics (actually I read it, but it’s pretty long I forgot lol)
so I kind of mashed the buttons by instinct

and I was having a much harder time because this time we really fight in the air…. I’m too used to stick on the ground ;-;

In case that the time runs out, the one with more popularity wins in this game (the guage at with the character’s picture, blue increases popularity and red decreases popularity)
HP bars are only used if you and your opponent has the same amount of popularity

(I was able to use spell card attacks, pressed the buttons instinctively and got it correct lol)

the CPU is pretty good even this is just for a trial, beated me up once on our 2nd round (Ichirin is summoning Unzan and smashed me with his fists like crazy lol), I was playing on hard mode btw (Lunatic is quite too much for a new game especially with a new system, as to I don’t start with normal because I like challenging games)
But I won the CPU in the end by 2-1 on my first play

yep, spell card attack it is, with 100% popularity full blue guage (you will get a golden aura) just on my second try of this game!
(you can actually release a special attack called “Last Word” only with 100% popularity, but I didn’t use it because if I miss, my popularity will decrease dramatically)

Reimu’s winning pose (with golden aura – 100% popularity)

still a 2-1 on my second round, but with lesser damage xD”

Well, there are more and alot mechanics/systems in this game (yeah, just the trial) I’ll test it out more later. And I should probably go back to that website (or the TH wiki) to read some known manuals and systems of this game to get a perfect win next time >_<”

p.s. I like every single Touhou character, but I’m really going to be glorious happy and impressively hype if they include Momiji and Mokou in this game @____@ (have high hopes for Mokou, since she’s really popular, not sure whether Momiji will have a chance to appear in this game or not .__.)


17 thoughts on “Touhou 13.5 Test Run

    1. Zephuros Post author

      This full game’s not out yet, so I’m still prefering the two old versions since I’m used to it.
      Well do you need the websites to get the game?
      Because the TH fighting games is the first thing I actually was exposed to the TH world after all. And it doesn’t require that you need to know anything before playing it xD.
      Need some inspirations? Well at first mine was it’s full of nicely drawn bishojos – all of them which this game’s art attracts me alot, great fighting sprites as I like sprites and action/fighting games, and really impressive background musics – so far every of ZUN’s music are on my favorite list.

    1. Zephuros Post author

      sorry, but this is only the game’s trial so there’s no online play yet xD”
      if you want a PvP you’ll have to play on the same computer (with an extra analog or keyboard for another player)
      wow, you guys are here fast, how did you know I’ve updated my blog o.o?

        1. Zephuros Post author

          Oh wow, thanks xD!
          Why don’t you click follow my blog? I think it’ll be more convinient for you since I won’t be updating alot of my blog until late March @_@

              1. PeckingBird

                Oh, I see it. Really want to do online battle with you!!! Hope it be online soon. Try to persuade Mad to download onto his mac.

  1. Zephuros Post author

    Well, we can play TH 12.3 while waiting for this game’s fullversion xD
    or you can play the Ougon Musou Kyoku (umineko fighter) with me, I have some bunch of doujin fighting games. Just be sure to have Tunngle or Hamachi so that we can connect online.


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