Test Post

Common names used through the internet and games:
Zephuros (ゼフロス)

Common avatars use through the online world:
picture of Phantom (from Rockman Zero series)
picture of Inubashiri Momiji (from Touhou Project series)

zodiac: sagittarius (december, 1993)

personality: ISTJ (86%,73%,85%,77%)

favorite color: blue, gray, black

occupation: full-time gamer/part-time otaku/college student

shorter goal: pass all of the 12 subject exams
short goal: survive through year 2 without repeating another year
long goal: using no more than 6 years studying at the college
longer goal: being a full-time otaku!!

It’ll probably be months to years before I’ll make another post
since I can’t decide what I’ll do with this blog yet (unlike my Rockman fan blog and my diary+rant blog)
sides, no one just cares, I like making blogs and typing them lol

note: don’t mind the pokemons, i’m just testing out the widgets.. (want to find some Rockman/Final Fantasy GIFs but that’ll take all the small amount of time I have)

p.s. just don’t want to leave my first page blank, so I made a random post (also, had to create this blog before someone got this name like all other 3-5 names i used to use through the internet, but was all taken as a website name here…)


16 thoughts on “Test Post

  1. RPGlover

    I know that little girl with big doggie ear! She is from the tactical RPG PSP game that I once play, which is only available in japanese! She rides on the white tiger too!

    But when she…*extreme spoiler*

    got killed. I cry hard and stop playing after that.

    1. Zephuros Post author

      Yes, her name is Aruruw (or Arurū) from the visual novel/tactic game Utawarerumono and she rides a white tiger named Mukkuru
      although this picture doesn’t actually show Mukkuru but Gacatar on her head @_@
      and well you should have continued playing it, I played the game three times on the PC (because it has something the PSP version doesn’t have) and twice on the PSP version (because I love the game >.>)
      I love her, she’s my 2nd most favorite character ever
      yes she died
      and she got revived :/

      well I wasn’t crying (I cried at the later part after that) instead, I was smashing my head against the wall with that bloody scene @_@

      Oh well, if you still can, you really should go and continue playing the game xD
      at least see how it ends properly

    1. Zephuros Post author

      Eh… erm… no, I didn’t draw it -w-“””
      (please read the section about my blog)
      all pictures from this site is either found by internet or drawn and given to me by my friends
      I can only do simple/easy photoshop techniques with these pictures… so sorry =-=”

        1. Zephuros Post author

          well, you have to ask them
          though, ummm… I’ve only posted official pictures so far, so there’s none of the pictures drawn by my friends in this website yet
          (except the tiny small icon wordpress for The White Dog’s Blog, that’s drawn by my friend)

            1. Zephuros Post author

              Well, there’s another WP blogger here, Mad Cartoonist, you can see his comments on my blog @_@
              the rest of my friends doesn’t do blogs, sorry

  2. Kakashi

    I have a request for you. Since you know photoshop, there is a wallpaper in your blog I fancy. It’s a young girl with I headband, wearing grey kimono while holding the katana. Can you photoshop her clothes off and upload it on tinyurl?

    1. Zephuros Post author

      I said.. I know “simple&easy” photoshop techniques….
      you’re going to have to be on an “super highly advanced” photoshop user to do that…
      and Kakashi, pardon me for my rudeness
      but could you decrease a bit about girls being nude and hentai things?
      I created this blog to share about my daily life, activities and interest
      and I do not want it to end up having only boys and men coming all over my place, I want this blog to be viewable for my friends, general people, and everyone that has the same game/manga/anime/music (etc.) things as me. Well, but if you want to discuss these more in private, I can give you my e-mail, and that way I can share you where I find these things.
      Thank you for understanding


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