Winter 2014 Anime

winter picture from Google Images

winter picture from Google Images

Notice: This ain’t no review or anything similar to it (I’m incapable of doing so), just personal opinion and self-rants on the shows.
Ok, after taking interest in each of the anime PVs and after viewing all the first episodes this week, I decided I’ll still stick with all of them – there’s only 8 of them this season:
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Previous year’s work

Welp, I feel kind of wrong calling it a “previous year’s” work.. since I’ve never work or did anything on the internet at all lols…

Lazy to write/rant about why I started working here and will only work for this series (and not like someone’s gonna read about this anyways xD”), else it’ll be essay pages.

Just gonna post it here as some memorial to the me in the future.
1425 edits for 117 articles in 316 pages

…and I’m not done ^^” (only updated the wiki up to volume 11, but spoilers ahead up to volume 22.. ha ha)

Thank you all admin(s) and contributors for all of your edits in the wiki, and let’s continue our work :D


Sigh, all blog plannings delayed due to being addicted back to old Games and watching some old movies and anime series…(being real lazy with work and stuffs and just gettin’ back to the same ol’ me)

Gonna try to post my final rankings (for everything) for the previous year…(probably after exams this mid January…)


I won’t be talking much about what has happened during the past year (or so).
Gonna say what’ll be up next during the next month (hopefully..).

Right now I’m busy creating and filling all the informations I gained during the past months into these folders so I can add and edit articles in the wikipedia during this weekend.

Revising and editing the articles that have already exist in the wiki should be done by this weekend….
Creating and adding new articles that the wiki doesn’t have should be done by next weekend…
I hope everything goes along as planned before the end of the month.

There’s quite alot of circumstances that has pushed me to devote myself into such a job (I usually wouldn’t touch public websites like these) but this time I really can’t stay tolerant about it and decide to do things by myself.

I’m hoping that I”ll still be energetic enough to update the following before the end of the year:
- overview about my current, recent favorite series (after it ends)
- updated top favorite male characters (although there’s new characters added this year, top rankings still has no changes from last year’s)
- updated top favorite female characters (big changes in the list…especially the top ten)
- updated top favorite manga series (I’ve read so much and more manga this year, some minor changes but a big impact indeed)
- updated top favorite anime series (quite a big change to the overall, especially the top three)
(well I actually already create the page for them since a year ago…lol)

First Seinen favorite character

Title says it all. (Oh, and this post won’t have spoilers kay xD?)

And.. if you’re wondering what’s a “seinen”… try google’ing, say like for quick results… wiki

But before that, I have to tell a little bit between me and a Seinen category manga type.

I’ve seen seinen manga (from the cover) for a long time  – around after I studied on Japanese by myself, but I never actually look inside each of the manga or read it anywhere.

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